Accessing OMD unter CentOS and Selinux

If you've got the error like this

OMD: Site Not Started

You need to start this site in order to access the web interface.

in your fresh configured and started OMD site, Selinux can cause the issue. Consider to configure Selinux properly (have a lot of fun!) or disable it in /etc/syssconfig/selinux.

4 Kommentare :: Accessing OMD unter CentOS and Selinux

  1. What is you recommendation? Configure or disable?

  2. It depends on the security requirements in your environment. I recommend to disable Selinux, if this doesn't hit your security policy.

  3. So far I have always disabled Selinux, because mostly it sucks! Maybe I have to ask my TL about the affection of our security policy ;-)

  4. I have disabled , but still getting same issue , i am on google cloud , centos 7.1


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