CentOS 6.2 and Active Directory

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In this article I’ll show you how to connect your CentOS to the Active Driectory as user backend. I assume that MSFU 3.5 (Microsoft Services For Unix) feature is activated in your AD.

There are a couple of tasks you have to do, when you’re going to bring your CentOS box with Active Directory. First of all, the nslcd daemon (nss-pam-ldapd) must be installed and configured. After that step you should be able to see UNIX specific attributes of users from AD backend. The next step is to setup authentication against AD.

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database Move

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It’s very easy to move a mailbox database in Exchange 2010 to a new location. Either you use EMC or you use the cmdlet Move-DatabasePath in EMS. Exchange 2010 would unmount the mailbox database to be moved (it’s unavailable all the moving time), copy the database file, the catalogs, remove them and last mount the mailbox database and set it online.

I prefer to use the cmdlet to move the mailbox database in Exchange 2010:

Move-DatabasePath -Identity 'MailDB' -EdbFilePath 'D:\MailDB\MailDB.edb' 
                  -LogFolderPath 'D:\MailDB'

Please note that if you’re going to start moving the mailbox database by a script or batch file, you should you the following syntax to avoid questions:

Move-DatabasePath -Identity 'MailDB' -EdbFilePath 'D:\MailDB\MailDB.edb' 
                  -LogFolderPath 'D:\MailDB' -Confirm:$false -Force:$true

If you get the error while running the cmdlet:
This operation cannot be performed on a remote server. Please use the -ConfigurationOnly option and then manually move the files.
make sure that you're running the command above on the mailbox database server locally!