Upgrade Microsoft Hyper-V Linux IC from 3.3 to 3.4

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Recently I had to upgrade the integration components on a lot of CentOS virtual systems running on a Hyper-V failover cluster. During the upgrade procedure I faced a couple of things, which I'd like you to be aware of. The version on the guest VM is CentOS 6.3, the Hyper-V failover cluster is running under Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and consists of 6 nodes.

Below is the output of LVM related commands before starting the upgrade of Linux IC:

Find differences in Public Folder replicas

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This is a small piece of code to run it in EMS and to help you finding differences in item number in a public folder structure. The powershell script shows the number of elements in each sub folder for the both of Exchange 2010 servers, which public folder replicas are located on. Below is an example output of the script.

[PS] C:\>C:\scripts\get-pffolderdiffs.ps1

Path                                       ItemCount_SRV1 ItemCount_SRV2
----                                       -------------- --------------
\PF1\VPC                                                 0             0
\PF1\VPC\Exec                                         1739          1739
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2007                                   20406         20406
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2008                                   21952         21952
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2009                                   27804         27804
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2010                                   16888         16888
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2011                                   39021          1869
\PF1\VPC\Exec\2012                                   15734         15734

Please note that the script is provided AS IS without any guarantee:


Get-PublicFolder -Server $SR1 -ResultSize unlimited -Identity $PF -Recurse `
  | Sort-Object -Property @{expression={$_.ParentPath + '\' + $_.Name}} |
ft @{label="Path"; expression={ $_.ParentPath + "\" + $_.Name }},
   @{label="ItemCount_$SR1"; expression={ `
     (get-PublicFolderStatistics -Server $SR1 ($_.ParentPath + '\' + $_.Name) `
  | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ItemCount) }}, `
   @{label="ItemCount_$SR2"; expression={ `
     (get-PublicFolderStatistics -Server $SR2 ($_.ParentPath + '\' + $_.Name) `
  | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ItemCount) }} -auto