Check_MK check for Fortigate firewalls

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I've got a Fortigate 60C and wanted to monitor it in Check_MK. I could find a plugin written by Justin McMillen, but it didn't work in the version 1.1.2 of Check_MK. Also they seemed to use SNMP OIDs, which my Fortigate 60C didn't have. So I've updated his checks and created a new version of the plugin. The checks use SNMP to get CPU and RAM usage as ell as the session count. You can download the package from Check_MK Exchange site.

Version 1.3.2 of Ex2010_MBDB_Info released

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Again I've released a new version of the check. I've changed only the Windows plugin. Now the spaces in a mailbox database name are replaced by underscores. I hope this change would help all of you, who experienced problems with the plugin.

To update it's enough to download the new check package, install it in your check_mk instance by a command like this:

cmk -vP install Ex2010_MBDB_Info-1.3.2.mkp

and substitute the cmd file on your Exchange server by the Ex2010_MBDB_Info.ps1 file from the new package.

You can find the new version of the package at the known place at the check_mk plugin exchange site.