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Accessing OMD unter CentOS and Selinux

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If you've got the error like this

OMD: Site Not Started

You need to start this site in order to access the web interface.

in your fresh configured and started OMD site, Selinux can cause the issue. Consider to configure Selinux properly (have a lot of fun!) or disable it in /etc/syssconfig/selinux.

CentOS and Active Directory 2008

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This article is intended for those of you, who has read my old post about CentOS and the integration into Microsoft Active Directory. In my old post I referred to Microsoft Active Directory 2003. In cases, when you upgraded to MS AD 2008, you have to update some entries in configuration file /etc/nslcd.conf.

Yum's additional tools

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I've learnt new helpful commands recently that belongs to yum tools (thank you MLLR). I'd like to say a few words about the usage of the commands.