OMD fails to start after CentOS upgrade to 6.4

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I faced a problem starting OMD 0.54 after upgrading CentOS to the version 6.4. The start script returns a bunch of error messages:

[root@omd ~]# omd restart mysite
Doing 'restart' on site mysite:
Creating temporary filesystem /omd/sites/mysite/tmp...mount: can't find /omd/sites/                         mysite/tmp in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
Removing Crontab...
Stopping xinetd...OK
Stopping icinga...Not running. OK
npcd was not running... could not stop
Stopping rrdcached...waiting for termination...OK
Stopping dedicated Apache for site mysite....OK
Starting dedicated Apache for site mysite...OK
Starting rrdcached...OK
Starting npcd...touch: cannot touch `/omd/sites/mysite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/'                         : No such file or directory
chown: cannot access `/omd/sites/mysite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/': No such file or directory
An Error occured while reading your config on line 197
Message was: "Could not open pidfile '/omd/sites/mysite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/                         ': No such file or directory"
/omd/sites/mysite/etc/rc.d/80-icinga: line 54: /omd/sites/mysite/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg                         : No such file or directory
Icinga configuration file /omd/sites/mysite/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg not found. Terminating...
Starting xinetd...OK
Initializing Crontab...OK

I found a couple of reports about the same problem. The root cause seems to be a bug (or a feature?) in the package util-linux-ng-2.17.2-12.9.el6.x86_64 that prevents non root users to mount partitions from /etc/fstab, whose path name conatains a symlink (symbolic link). In case of OMD /omd is a symlink pointing to /opt/omd.

A workaround that helped me to solve the problem was adding /opt to the appropriate path in /etc/fstab:

tmpfs                   /opt/omd/sites/nysite/tmp  tmpfs   noauto,user,mode=755,uid=mysite,gid=mysite 0 0